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Ford Trucks ADR -approved fuel tankers come in 4x2, 6x2,6x4, 8x2 and 8x4 configurations, these trucks are fully designed for transporting dangerous goods. They offer tank capacities of up to 27,000 litres (34.,000 litres LPG/ /30.,000 litres LNG) and support trailers with up to 50,000 litres in capacity. To ensure the highest level of safety, these tankers are designed for outstanding brake efficiency and equipped with intelligent braking systems and hydraulic retarders. No matter what the road conditions, these trucks offer dynamic driving performance along with excellent fuel efficiency. The driver-friendly cockpit design and provides an excellent view of the road, along with a comfortable driving experience on long hauls and challenging in journeys. The chassis can be adapted with modular adjustments to enable the tankers to handle specific loads.