Ford Trucks Continues Strong Growth in Europe 

Ford Trucks Completes Benelux Expansion with Entry into Dutch Market

Continuing its global growth, Ford Trucks has stepped into the Netherlands, one of Europe's key markets. Ford Trucks will offer efficient and technological solutions to the Netherlands' broad customer base with vehicles such as the F-MAX and the new F-LINE series, which stands out with its connectivity technology. 

Ford Trucks, the global brand of the heavy commercial sector, continues its growth in Europe with the Netherlands, which is strategically important in expanding into Northern countries. Ford Trucks has now entered the Dutch market and completed its restructuring in the Benelux region.

Ford Trucks, which is in high demand in Europe with its wide product portfolio and innovative technologies, will partner with F-Trucks Nederland, which has over 65 years of expertise in the Dutch market. Following the opening, Ford Trucks will start operations in at least 10 strategic locations in 2024 and will further strengthen its dealer network in more than 15 locations by the end of 2025.

Ford Trucks will provide the efficient, technological solutions required by F-Trucks Nederland's extensive truck customer database, particularly the F-MAX tractor, as well as the new F-LINE series, which stands out with its connectivity technology and advanced safety features.

The collaboration with F-Trucks Nederland is also significant for Ford Trucks' investments in zero-emission transportation. The Netherlands, which has a strong potential for electric vehicles, will be one of the pioneer countries where the first electric truck designed by Ford Trucks will be introduced to the market, which will be mass-produced by 2025.

Emrah Duman: We will continue to support our customers' operations through technology and efficiency.

Ford Trucks Leader Emrah Duman says, “For over 60 years, we have continued to create new ground and write a global success story in the heavy commercial sector following our vision of "creating value with the most efficient transportation solutions". Within the scope of our global structuring, we are very pleased to collaborate with F-Trucks Nederland, one of the leading and experienced organizations in the sector in the Netherlands, which is the ideal intersection point for the logistics sector and serves as the central gateway to the European market. The Netherlands is also a significant country for us since it pioneered decarbonization procedures and has sophisticated infrastructure for electrification transformation. As a brand that pioneers future mobility solutions, we will continue to create value for our Dutch customers' operations by using technology and efficiency.”

Bahadır Koç, Ford Trucks Benelux & Nordics Managing Director, states: "The Netherlands is an important milestone in our growth plans in Europe. We will continue to provide creative and efficient solutions to our customers in the Dutch market and throughout the Benelux region, partnering with F-Trucks Nederland. This collaboration will strengthen our customer-oriented approach and further consolidate our position in the transportation sector. Our goal is to become a truck brand that makes a difference in the region.”

Ford Trucks is making significant progress toward its Northern Europe expansion strategy this year, continuing to grow in Europe without slowing down. Targeting Switzerland after the Dutch market, the company is working to further expand its global operations.

Pioneering the transportation trends of the future, Ford Trucks develops innovative and sustainable solutions with its engineering and R&D expertise. Committed to achieving zero emissions in heavy commercial vehicle production by 2040 to reduce the effects of climate change, the company continues its work on hydrogen engines as well as electrification, which is its primary focus.  


About Ford Trucks:

Ford’s only heavy commercial brand, Ford Trucks produces a range of vehicles including tractors, construction trucks, and distribution trucks weighing over 16 tons. Our F-MAX has brought critical acclaim and high global demand. Ford commercial vehicles’ proven track record of quality, durability, and efficiency underpins Ford Trucks’ international product strategy based on the best total cost of ownership promise. At Ford Trucks, we combine more than half a century of design and production experience with expertise in market-specific product development, to engineer the main components of our vehicles, including the all-new engines. We currently operate across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the CIS, and continue to grow our international network on 3 continents. Hundreds of thousands of trucks all around the world set out each and every day with the confidence that Ford provides. For more information about Ford Trucks and its products worldwide, please visit